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(This schedule may be modified at any time with announcements in class, or by e-mail.)

WEEK 1 -

Introduction to course and textbook
Diagnostic Test
The decimal place-value system
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

WEEK 2 -

Rounding, estimation, and order
Exponential notation and the order of operations
Solving geometric applications
Review of chapter 1

WEEK 3 -

Test over chapter 1
Prime numbers and divisibility
Factoring whole numbers
Fraction basics

WEEK 4 -

Simplifying fractions
Multiplying fractions
Applications of multiplication of fractions
Dividing fractions
Adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators

WEEK 5 -

Common multiples
Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators
Adding and subtracting mixed numbers
Estimation applications

WEEK 6 -

Review of chapters 2 and 3
MathZone chapters 2 and 3 assignment completed before test date
Test over chapters 2 and 3
Place value and rounding
Adding and subtracting decimals

WEEK 7 -

Multiplying decimals
Dividing decimals
Converting from fractions to decimals
Converting from decimals to fractions

WEEK 8 -

Changing a percent to a fraction or a decimal
Changing a decimal or a fraction to a percent
Review of unit
MathZone assignment completed before test date
Test over unit

WEEK 9 -

Real numbers and order
Adding real numbers
Subtracting real numbers
Multiplying real numbers

WEEK 10 -

Dividing real numbers
Means, medians, and modes
Review of unit
MathZone assignment completed before test date
Test over unit

WEEK 11 -

From arithmetic to algebra
Evaluating algebraic expressions
Adding and subtracting algebraic expressions
Using the addition property to solve an equation

WEEK 12 -

Using the multiplication property to solve an equation
Combining the properties to solve equations
Review of chapter
Test over chapter

WEEK 13 -

Solving proportions
Solving applications of proportions

WEEK 14 -

Three types of percent problems
Solving percent applications
Review of unit

WEEK 15 -

 Test over last unit
Review for final exam

WEEK 16 -

Final Exam Week – comprehensive departmental final exam scheduled on a
specified date and time

Developmental Programs Fall 2007 Fact Sheet

Required Materials

Students must have all textbooks and required materials by Friday, September 7, 2007.

Registration Policy

Those students who have not registered and paid by September 10, 2007 (the last day to add a class)
may not attend classes or receive credit for the course. Please talk to your instructor before you
stop attending.

The last day to complete processing of withdrawals is Friday, November 16, 2007. If you stop
attending this course without going through the formal withdrawal procedures, you will receive a
grade of F for this course.

Last day to drop without "WD" appearing on
student's academic record.
September 10
Adviser's signature required September 11 - October 19
Adviser's and instructor's signatures
October 22 - November 16

Attendance Policy

Attendance is required. You are expected to be on time for class. For classes meeting four days a week,
it is department policy to consider six absences grounds for dismissal or a failing grade. For classes
meeting two days a week, it is department policy to consider four absences grounds for dismissal or a
failing grade. There are no “excused” absences.

For 24-hour emergency information on University closings call: 330-972-SNOW (330-972-7669).

Policy on Class Disruptions

All students are expected to respect the teaching/learning process. To that end, all disruptive behavior is
prohibited. Therefore, make sure that your cell phone is silenced and out of sight before class begins. If
your instructor considers your cell phone, any other electronic devices, or any other behavior disruptive,
you may be dismissed from class.

Grading Scale (%)

You must pass this course
with a “C” or better.

Special Accommodations

Any student who feels she/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should
contact the Office of Accessibility at 330/972-7928. The office is located in Simmons Hall, 105.