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Sample Problems for Algebra Readiness Assessment Test

This is a sample of some of the types of problems you will find on the Algebra Readiness
assessment. The actual test consists of 50 questions –you will have 45 minutes and will not be
allowed to use a calculator. Print this test and try the problems, without a calculator, giving
yourself about 25 minutes. The answer key is at the end of the test.

1) Give the value of

2) Evaluate:

3) Write the number 18 million is scientific notation.

4) Which expression is equivalent to ?

5) Evaluate the following:

a) -4

b) 0

c) undefined

d) 4

6) Divide:

7) The temperature was 15° centigrade at noon. At 7pm, the temperature was 5° below zero.
How much did the temperature drop between noon and 7pm?

8) Evaluate: 5.82 − 2.3 + 0.305

9) Multiply:

10) If you are supposed to take three pills twice each day for eight days, how many pills will
you take in all?

11) Evaluate: 8 − 3 + 2 − 5 − 6

12) On the number line fine half the distance between − 8 and 6 .

13) 20%of what number is 80 ?

14) Which equation below describes the statement: “When a number is decreased by 4 the
result is 8 ” ?

15) If 10 = 2a + b and a = 4 , find the value of b .

16) Simplify:

17) A notebook cost $2.25 . The sales tax for the notebook is an additional $0.09 . What was
the sales tax, as a percentage?

18) The stock market report says that yesterday five stocks went up for every six stocks that
went down. If 450 stocks went down yesterday, how many went up?

19) Subtract:

20) Evaluate:

21) The prime factorization of 90 is

22) Add:

23) Add:

24) A certain pair of shoes normally sells for $120 , but is now on sale for $90 . What is the
percent decrease from the normal price to the sale price?

25) What is the radius of a circle whose circumference is 16π ?

Answer Key:

How did you do?