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0.1: idea of a set, well known sets (N,Z,Q,I,R), intersection, union, complement, universal set,
subtraction of sets

0.2: given a number – what sets does it belong to (in N,Q,Z,I,R), interval notation, order of operations

0.3: rules of exponents, using the rules to simplify complicated expressions

0.4: fractional exponents and how these related to radicals (aka square roots, cube roots, etc.), rules for
fractional exponents, simplifying expressions with fractional exponents

0.5: naming/giving info about polynomials (coefficients, leading coefficient, degree, mono/bi/tri,
constant term, multiplying and simplifying polynomials (Note: division of polynomials will NOT be on

0.6: factoring techniques (factoring out a monomial, factoring by grouping, using pattern recognition,
factoring quadratics with leading coefficient 1, factoring quadratics with leading coefficient not 1 by the
magic number approach, using all the techniques at once) (Note: the cubic patterns at the end of this
HW set will NOT be on the test)

0.7: adding, multiplying polynomials where factoring is needed

1.1: solving 1 equation/1 unknown, solving inequalities
1.2: functions/relations (domain, range, vertical line test,
adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing/composing functions)
1.3: lines (intercepts, slope, slope-intercept form, point-slope form, parallel lines)
1.4: not covered on the test (section skipped)
1.5: solving 2 equations/2 unknowns – recognizing the three possibilities that arise, solving 3 eq./3
1.6: cost, revenue, profit, marginal cost, marginal revenue, marginal profit, break even point, supply,
demand, equilibrium point