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Math 13 Intermediate Algebra

Learning Outcomes:

1. Write an equation of a line by using point-slope, slope-intercept and standard forms and graph such equations.
2. Demonstrate the function concept and identify the domain and range using different representations,
such as algebraic symbolic, graphic, an input/output rule and numerical table.
3. Determine whether a function is or is not one-to-one and, if it is, find its inverse both algebraically and
4. Find formulas for the composition and algebraic combination of two or more functions.
5. Find real and complex solutions for quadratic equations by extracting square roots, completing the
square and the quadratic formula.
6. Graph any quadratic function by finding its vertex and axis of symmetry.
7. Solve linear absolute value equations and inequalities, and graph their solutions on a number line.
8. Evaluate and simplify expressions containing integer and rational exponents. Add, subtract, multiply,
divide, and evaluate radical expressions.
9. Solve radical equations and equations with rational exponents algebraically.
10. Graph simple exponential and logarithmic functions, and solve simple exponential and logarithmic
11. Read, model and solve application problems using linear, quadratic, and simple exponential equations.
12. Categorize and distinguish the particular and special characteristics of linear, quadratic, absolute value,
exponential, and logarithmic functions.
13. Answer an applied problem using a complete, grammatically correct sentence.
For Optional Topics:
14. Solve a system of linear equations by using substitution, elimination, and graphing methods.
15. Identify arithmetic and geometric sequences and series. Find the general term of a sequence and the
sum of a finite series.
16. Recognize equations of circles, ellipses and hyperbolas and graph them using their centers and

Office Hours: 5:00-6:00 Tues. AD 141

Grading: Homework/ group assignments : 15% A: 90%
  Quizzes : 20% B: 80%
  Exams : 50% C: 70%
  Final : 15% D: 60%

Homework/Group Assignments: Homework will be assigned and collected everyday. I will be happy to answer
questions about homework in class or during my office hours. I encourage you to work together on homework.
Homework must be neat, readable, on straight edged paper, stapled and done in pencil. The homework will be graded on
neatness and completeness. Each assignment is worth 10 points. No late assignments will be accepted . If you know you
will not be able to attend class on a particular day, you may turn your homework in early. Homework will be graded
periodically, but you will receive credit for every complete homework assignment turned in. Group assignments will be
given periodically. In class participation will be required for these assignments. No make-ups will be allowed.

Quizzes: I will give two quizzes every day, one at the beginning of class and one at the end. The first quiz each day will
be on previously assigned homework. The second quiz will be on topics covered that day, it will be open book or group
oriented. These quizzes cannot be made up.

Exams: We will have several in class exams. There will be no make-up exams unless prearranged with me and I reserve
the right to make these exams more difficult than the in-class exams. I will always give at least a one week notice on the
dates of exams.

Final: The final will be cumulative and is scheduled for the last class period of the semester.

Required Materials: You will need to bring to class your text, paper and writing utensils, and a scientific calculator.

Other Items:
1. As a matter of courtesy I ask that you arrive to class on time and with the appropriate materials. If you need to arrive
late, please come in quietly and sit close to the door. If you need to leave early, I would appreciate your letting me
know, and again sit close to the door to ensure minimal disruption. All cell phones and pagers must be turned off during
class time.

2. Calculators may not be shared on any exam.

3. You must write your first and last name legibly on all papers and exams turned in to receive credit.

4. I will not drop you, this is your responsibility.

5. As a student you should be aware of the services available to you. Please refer to the catalog for any
tutoring or special services you may need. I would be happy to assist you if requested.