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MA151 A/B - Suggested dates to complete A or B

MA151A Certify Test 151A 151 A & B
1.1a Name that real number
1.1b Introduction to absolute values
1.2 Addition with integers
1.3 Subtraction with integers
1.4 Multiplication & division with integers
R.2 Review of prime numbers/prime factors
1.5 Properties of real numbers
2.1a Variables & algebraic expressions
2.1b Simplifying expressions
2.1c Simplify expressions with parentheses
2.1d Evaluate algebraic expressions
2.2a Reduction of positive/negative fractions
2.2b Multiplying & dividing fractions
2.3 Adding & subtracting fractions
2.4 Decimals and fractions
2.5 Order of operations
2.6 Translate phrases into Alg expressions
TEST 1 17-Sep 10-Sep
3.1a Solving linear equations: add & subt
3.1b Applications of linear eq (add/subt)
3.1c Solving linear equations: mult & div
3.1d Applications of linear eq (mult/div)
3.2 Solving linear equations
TEST 2 1-Oct 15-Sep
3.4 Solving linear inequalities
3.5a Solving formulas
3.5b Working with formulas
3.6 Applications: number prob & consec int
3.7 Percents and applications
3.8 Formulas in geometry
TEST 3 22-Oct 29-Sep
4.1 Intro to Cartesian coordinate system
4.2 Graph linear equations by plotting points
4.3 Graphing linear equations
4.4 Finding the equation of a line
4.5 Introduction to functions/notation
TEST 4 12-Nov 6-Oct
5.1 Solving sys of linear eq - graphing
5.2 " substitution
5.3 " addition
5.4 Applications : DRT, number problems
5.5 Applications : Interest & mixture
TEST 5 10-Dec 20-Oct
Take Final Exam for 151A FINAL 15-Dec 21-Oct

MA151-B Certify Test 151B
6.1 Simplifying integer exponents I
6.2a Simplifying integer exponents II
6.2b Scientific notation
6.3a Identifying polynomials
6.3b Evaluation polynomials
6.4 Adding & subtracting polynomials
6.5a Multiplying a polynomial by a monomial
6.5b Multiplying two polynomials
6.6a FOIL method
TEST 6 17-Sep 31-Oct
6.6b Special products
6.7a Division by a monomial
6.7b Division algorithm
7.1a GCF of two or more terms
7.1b GCF of a polynomial
7.1c Factoring expressions by grouping
7.2 Factoring trinomials: leading coefficient I
TEST 7 1-Oct 7-Nov
7.3a Factoring trinomials by grouping
7.3b Factoring trinomials by trial & error
7.4 Special factorizations - squares
Appendix(A.1) Factoring sums or differences of cubes
7.5 Solving quadratic equations by factoring
7.6 Applications of quadratic equations
TEST 8 22-Oct 21-Nov
8.1a Defining rational expressions
8.1b Reducing rational expressions
8.2 Mult & div rational expressions
8.3 Add & subtract rational expressions
TEST 9 12-Nov 1-Dec
8.4 Complex algebraic fractions
8.5 Solving equations: rational expressions
8.6 Applications with rational expressions
TEST 10 10-Dec 12-Dec
Take Final Exam for 151B FINAL 15-Dec 15-Dec