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Addendum to Course Syllabus

COURSE GRADE: The overall grade in MAC1140 is based on the following.
20% -- Quizzes
60% -- Average of 5 exam grades
20% -- Final exam

TAKE-HOME QUIZZES: Take-home quizzes must be handed in at the beginning of class on the due date. Please do not use paper torn from a spiral notebook. The directions given on the quiz need to be followed and all work should be stapled together.

EXAMS: The course content for MAC1140 is sorted into 5 units corresponding to 5 exams. Exam dates will be announced about a week before the exam. Exam answers without supporting work will not receive full credit. Please do not ask to borrow my calculator for an exam. If you forget your calculator, you can borrow one from the Academic Support Center. If you cannot be at the exam, with legitimate documentation, you must contact me before the day of the exam to make alternative testing arrangements.

FINAL EXAM: The final exam is cumulative and given during finals week. You must take the final exam at its scheduled time. You will need a green Scantron form for the final.

Take-home quizzes must be done neatly and handed in on time or they will not be graded. There are no make-up exams or quizzes. With appropriate documentation, the final exam score may replace a missed exam.

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS (Work odd-numbered problems only.)

Unit 1

Background Topics: graphing, lines, completing the square, quadratic functions, circles, midpoint formula, distance formula, quadratic formula, factoring, polynomial long division, synthetic division, piecewise functions

p. 117-118: 5,7,25,27,47-61 odd; p. 208: 3-13 odd;
p. 118: 37-41 odd; p. A57: 97-107 odd;
p. A33: 159-169 odd, 173, 175, 183 p. 159: 5,7,9,13,15,19,21;
p. 49: 35,37; p. 120: 113;
p. 123: 15; p. 256: 133

MAC1140 Addendum to Course Syllabus

Topic Section Assigned Problems
Exponential Functions 3.1 1-5,11-15,25-31,35,37,43-53,57,61,65,67
Logarithmic Functions 3.2 1-17,25,27,33,35,61-65,69-83,89
Properties of Logs 3.3 9-15,23,25,29,35,37,43,49,55,57,65,69-73,81
Exp and Log Equations 3.4 9-19,25,29,33,35,41,45,55,61,65,67,71,79-85,
Exp and Log Models 3.5 7-15,27,31,35,39,41,45,49
Systems 7.1 5-55 every other odd,63,65,69
Multi-variable Systems 7.3 5-11,17-25,29-33,39,43,45,47,51,53,59
Unit 2    
Topic Section Assigned Problems
Partial Fractions 7.4 5-51,57
Matrices and Systems 8.1 1-49 every other odd,57,61,65-75,85,87
Operations with Matrices 8.2 1,3,7,11,13,17,19,25-31,35,37,41,45,51,57,67
Inverse of a Square Matrix 8.3 3-9,13-19,23,31-35,39,45,47,53-65
Determinants 8.4 1-21,31,39-47,51,55-59,63,65,69,73-79,83,85,89
Applications 8.5 1-7,11,15,19,21,27-33,37-41
Unit 3    
Topic Section Assigned Problems
Sequences and Series 9.1 1-101 every other odd,107
Arithmetic Sequences 9.2 1-77 every other odd,83,91
Geometric Sequences 9.3 1-91 every other odd,103
Binomial Theorem 9.5 1-53 every other odd,55,59,63,65,75
Mathematical Induction 9.4 1, 3, 5-12 all, 15, 29-34 all
Unit 4    
Topic Section Assigned Problems
Conics and Parabolas 10.2 11-61
Ellipses 10.3 11-57
Hyperbolas 10.4 5-13, 17-37,45-59
Rational Functions 2.6 7,9,17-23,31,37,41,47,53-57,61,65,73,75
Unit 5    
Topic Section Assigned Problems
Introduction to Limits 12.1 1-11, 15-19, 23, 27-51
Evaluating Limits 12.2 1-23,27,29,39,59-65
Tangent Line 12.3 5-49 every other odd,53
Limits at Infinity 12.4 5-21 every other odd,23,29,33-47