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None of the tests are timed.
All are computer adaptive.

ESL Reading Skills

You will read passages of 50 to 90 words and then answer questions about your reading. The reading passages will be about a variety of different topics. You may read about the arts, or science, or history. Half of the test questions ask about information that is stated in the passage. The other half will ask you to identify the main ideas, or fact vs. opinion, or the author’s point of view.

There are twenty questions on this test.

Sample Question for LOEP Reading Skills

Read each passage below, and then answer the question or questions that follow it. Some passages have one question and some have two.

Question 1

My cousin lived in the city from 1984 to 1989.

When did my cousin live in the city?
(A) after 1989
(B) before 1984
(C) between 1984 and 1989
(D) neither in 1984 nor in 1989

ESL Sentence Meaning

This test measures how well you understand the meaning of sentences in English. There will be two different kinds of questions in this test.

There are twenty questions on this test.
Sample Question for LOEP Sentence Meaning
Each sentence below has a blank space. Choose the word or phrase that makes the sentence meaningful and correct.

Question 1

Mr. Swoboda grows roses, tomatoes, and carrots. That is why his friends say that he is a good ___?
(A) gardener
(B) builder
(C) painter
(D) florist

Each problem below contains one or two sentences followed by a question. Choose the correct answer to the question.

Question 2
The teacher called on Joe in class.
What did the teacher do?
(A) shouted to Joe
(B) asked Joe a question
(C) telephoned Joe
(D) visited Joe

ESL Language Use

This test measures your skill in using correct grammar in English sentences. There will be two different kinds of questions in this test.

There are twenty questions on this test.

Sample Question for LOEP Language Use

Two sentences will be followed by four possible answers. Choose the answer that best combines the two sentences. The answer must be a grammatically correct sentence. It must also express the same thought as the first two sentences.

Question 1

I sang in the choir. I enjoyed it.
(A) In the choir singing, I enjoyed.
(B) In the choir to sing, I enjoyed.
(C) I enjoyed to sing in the choir.
(D) I enjoyed singing in the choir.

The sentence below has a blank space. There are four words or phrases under the sentence. Choose the word or phrase that makes a grammatically correct sentence

Question 2

They ___ the newspaper everyday.
(A) reads
(B) is reading
(C) read
(D) does read

ESL Listening

You will listen to a series of brief passages in which one or two speakers are talking. Following each passage, you will hear a question about the passage and will be asked to respond to a multiple-choice question about the passage. You may take notes as you listen and may replay the passage and answers twice.

There are twenty questions on this test.


The Arithmetic test measures your skills in three primary categories:

1) Operations with whole numbers and fractions
° addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
° recognizing equivalent fractions and mixed
2) Operations with decimals and percents includes:
° addition, subtraction, multiplication, and
° percent problems, decimal recognition,
° percent equivalencies, and estimation
3) Applications and problem solving include:
° rate, percent, and measurement problems
° geometry problems
° distribution of a quantity into its fractional

A total of 16 questions is asked.
Solve the following problems and choose your answer from the alternatives given.

Question 1: All of the following are ways to write 20 percent of N, EXCEPT
A. 0.20N B. 20/100N C. 1/5N D. 20N

Question 2: 7/20
A. 0.035 B. 2.858 C. 0.35 D. 3.5

Question 3: 7.86 X 4.6 =
A. 36.156 B. 36.216 C. 351.56 D. 361.56

Question 4: Which of the following is the least?
A. 0.105 B. 0.501 C. 0.015 D. 0.15

Question 5: The average weight for a group of 20 women is 130 pounds. If the average weight for 3/4 of these women was 140 pounds, what was the average weight, in pounds, for the rest of the women?
A. 100 B. 110 C. 120 D. 135

Question 6: A soccer team played 160 games and won 65% of them. How many games did they win?
A. 94 B. 104 C. 114 D. 124

Question 7: The Number of Employees of Company K Who Were Involved in Accidents

  Plant X Plant Y
Mechanic 11 30
Power Machine Operators 9 12

The table above show the results of an industrial health survey of 10,000 people employed at Company K for more than 5 years. If 2,500 employees were surveyed in each of the four categories, which group of employees had the highest accident rate?

A. Mechanics in Plant X
B. Mechanics in Plant Y
C. Power Machine Operators in Plant X
D. Power Machine Operators in Plant Y

Question 8: Which of the following is closest to ?
A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 8

Question 9: Three people who work full time are to work together on a project, but their total time on the project is to be equivalent to that of only one person working full time. If one of the people is budgeted for 1/2 of his time to the project and a second person for 1/3 of her time, what part of the third worker's time should be budgeted to this project?
A. 1/3
B. 1/4
C. 1/6
D. D. 1/8

Elementary Algebra

There are also three categories in the Elementary Algebra Test:

1) Operations with integers and rational numbers,
° computation with integers and negative
° the use of absolute values, and ordering.
2) Operations with algebraic expressions:
° evaluation of simple formulas
° expressions, and adding
° subtracting monomials and polynomials,
° the evaluation of positive rational roots and
° simplifying algebraic fractions, and factoring.
3) Equation solving, inequalities, and word problems
° solving verbal problems presented in algebraic
° geometric reasoning
° the translation of written phrases into algebraic
° graphing.

12 questions are asked.

Question 1: If a number is divided by 4 and then 3 is subtracted, the result is 0. What is the number?
A. 12
B. 4
C. 3
D. 2

Question 2: If A represents the number of apples purchased at $.15 each and B represents the number of bananas purchased at $.10 each, which of the following represents the total value of the purchases?
A. A+B B. 25(A+B) C. 10A + 15B D. 15A + 10B

Question 3: 16x - 8 =
A. 8x B. 8(2x - x) C. 8(2x - 1) D. 8(2x - 8)

Question 4: If x^2- x - 6 = 0, then x is
A. -2 or 3 B. -1 or 6 C. 1 or -6 D. 2 or -3

College-Level Mathematics

The College-Level mathematics test assesses proficiency from intermediate algebra through pre-calculus. The categories covered include:
1) Algebraic operations includes:
° simplifying rational algebraic expressions
° factoring and expanding polynomials
° manipulating roots and exponents
2) Solutions of equations and inequalities includes:
° the solution of linear and quadratic equations
by factoring
° expanding polynomials,
° manipulating roots and exponents
3) Coordinate geometry asks questions about:
° plane geometry
° the coordinate plane, straight lines, conics,
sets of points in a plane
° graphs of algebraic functions
4) Application and other algebra topics asks about:
° complex numbers
° series and sequences
° determinants, permutations
° combinations, fractions
° word problems
5) Functions and trigonometry presents questions
° polynomial, algebraic, exponential, logarithmic
° trigonometric functions.

20 questions are asked.

Question 1: If f(x) = x^2 - x + 2 , then f(-x) =

Question 2: The equation x^2+ 2ix - 4 = 0 has as its roots

Reading: 1.c
Sentence Meaning: 1. a ; 2. b
Language Usage: 1. d ; 2. c
Arithmetic Skills: 1 .d ; 2 .c ; 3. a ; 4. c ; 5. a ; 6. b ; 7.b ; 8.a ; 9.c
Elementary Algebra: 1.a ; 2.d ; 3.c ; 4.a
College Level Math: 1. d ; 2 .e


• These tests are computer adaptive—that means that your response on one question will determine the level of difficulty on the next question.
• All tests are untimed.
• The room closes 2 hours after sign-in ends. If you do not finish, you may return and start again right where you left off!
• You will also need to know your social security number as you will use that to test and NOT YOUR STUDENT I.D. number.