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Introductory Algebra

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Solving and graphing linear equations and inequalities; systems of equations; function notation;
properties of exponents and operations on polynomials; applications. (3 credits, 3 periods)


 1. Solve linear equations.
 2. Graph linear functions given data tables or an equation.
 3. Determine and interpret the domain and range of a function given its graph
 4. Determine and interpret the slope and intercepts of a linear equation or function.
 5. Determine and explain the relationship between the slopes of perpendicular and parallel lines.
 6. Given sufficient information or data, write a linear equation.
 7. Use function notation to represent and evaluate linear relationships.
 8. Solve linear inequalities and graph solutions on the real number line and on the coordinate plane.
 9. Solve linear systems in two variables by graphing, substitution, and elimination methods.
 10. Simplify polynomial expressions.
 11. Perform operations on polynomials (add, subtract, multiply, divide, powers).
 12. Model and solve real-world problems using linear equations, proportions and systems of linear equations.

PREREQUISITE: "C" or better in MAT082, or 102, or equivalent, or satisfactory score on District placement exam.

TEXT: "Introductory & Intermediate Algebra for College Students", by Robert Blitzer. The text is available online,
purchasing a printed copy is optional.

CALCULATOR is optional. Scientific calculator only is allow for proctored tests (NO graphing calculator).

HOMEWORK and QUIZZES: 20% of the grade is from homework and 20% from chapter quizzes. All homework
and quizzes are done on the computer using MyMathLab. The deadline for each chapter's work is on the attached
Calendar. The section numbers on the Calendar are the suggested time to complete homework to keep up with course
work, however you may continue to work on all chapter homework and retake the chapter quiz as many times as you want
until 11:50pm on the chapter deadline, the highest score is counted. It is a good idea to start the work early, since
computers and MyMathLab often have problems.

TESTS: 60% of the grade is from five chapter tests and a cumulative final exam, which counts as two tests. Tests are given
in the classroom on the computer using MyMathLab, however you may hand in written work instead of, or in addition to,
the computer test. No notes or other help is allowed for tests. See the attached Calendar for scheduled test days.

MAKEUP WORK: If you cannot take a test at the scheduled time, you can arrange to take it in the Red Mountain testing
center before the scheduled time. There will be no individual deadline extensions. Chapters 1 and 2 homework and
quizzes will be available again for one week mid semester. Chapters 4 through 7 homework and quizzes will be available
again for one week at the end of the semester (see Calendar). You may retake one of the chapter tests at the last class.

GRADES are determined by A ≥ 90%, B ≥ 80%, C ≥ 70%, D ≥ 55%, F < 55%.

ONLINE REGISTRATION: The computer work is accessed by registering with CourseCompass online. You can install
the necessary software on your own computer, or you can use campus library computers (bring earphones to listen to the
audio). See Getting Started on back for details.

ATTENDANCE is checked by in-class roll and by online work. You may be withdrawn if you miss two classes. You will be
withdrawn if you have missed two weeks of class and two weeks of online work.

WITHDRAWAL after the 7th week will get a 'W' for 55% of the points, a 'Y' for less. A 'Y' counts as 'F' for the GPA.
If you retake a course, you can ask Student Records to only count the highest grade.

CLASSROOM: All electronic devices must be turned off during class. Taping or photographing lecture material is not
allowed. Food or uncovered drinks are not allowed.

STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY: It is the student's responsibility to know: a) the college policies included in the
college catalog and the student handbook, b) the contents of this syllabus, c) announcements made in class.

COLLEGE ANNOUNCEMENTS: The college will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented
disabilities. Students should notify Disability Resources and Services (Special Services) and their instructors of any special needs. Students should exhibit the qualities of honesty and integrity. Any form of dishonesty, cheating, fabrication, facilitation of academic dishonesty, and plagiarism will make you subject to disciplinary action.

Course content and policies may be changed by in-class announcements

GETTING STARTED To take a Math course using MyMathLab

Mesa Community College's online and classroom hybrid mathematics courses use software provided by the text book publisher,
Pearson - Prentice Hall, for all the homework, quizzes, and tests. You must register online with the publisher to use the
software. Two different identification numbers, an email address, and your school's zip code are required to do this.

1. Obtain the required data.

• You can get an email account from MCC if you do not have one.
• The zip code for the MCC Red Mountain campus is 85207.
• An access code given in a Student Access Kit which comes with a new text, or can be purchased from the publisher
when you go online to register with them.
• The course ID number for the section of the MCC course you are registered for: rush49126 for my spring 2009
MAT092 classroom sections 35358, 35398, and 35814.

3. Install the plug-ins required to use the online course material.

When you gain access to the online material you will see an "Installation Wizard" tab on the left. If you are using your own computer, follow the "MyMathLab Installation Wizard" directions given there. If you need help, call the CourseCompass
tech support: 1-800-677-6337.

4. Explore the online course material .

"Course Information" gives access to the Syllabus and classroom Lecture Notes.
"Do Homework" is used to find all available homework problems.
"Take a Quiz or Test" is used for chapter Quiz homework and for proctored Tests.
"Gradebook" gives your current grade information.
"Chapter Contents" gives access to the online text, online tutoring, and help in using the online math software.

MAT 092 - Introductory Algebra, hybrid SPRING 2009 R 10:30 RM section 35398
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday week
Jan 19
MLK Birthday
coursecompass register
Hw 1.1 1
Hw 1.2
Hw 1.3 Hw 1.4 Ch. 1 lecture
Hw 1.5-1.6
Hw 1.7 2
Feb 2
Hw 1.8
Quiz 1 Ch. 1 DEADLINE Ch. 1 TEST Hw 2.1 3
Hw 2.2
Hw 2.3 Hw 2.4 Ch. 2.1-2.5 lecture Hw 2.5 4
Presidents' day
  Hw 2.6 Ch. 2.6-2.8 lecture Hw 2.7 5
Hw 2.8
Quiz 2 Ch. 2 DEADLINE Ch. 2 TEST Hw 3.1 6
Mar 2
Hw 3.2
  Hw 3.3 Ch. 3, 4.1-4.2 lecture
Quiz 3
Hw 4.1-4.2
Hw 4.6
ch. 1-2 makeup starts Hw 4.3 Ch. 4.3-4.6 lecture   8
Hw 4.4-4.5
Quiz 4
1-2 makeup deadline
Ch. 3-4 DEADLINE Ch. 3-4 TEST Hw 5.1 10
Hw 5.2-5.3
Quiz 5 Apr 1
Hw 6.1
Ch. 5, 6.1-6.3 lecture Hw 6.2 11
Hw 6.3
  Hw 6.4 Ch. 6.4-6.5 lecture Hw 6.5 12
Quiz 6
  Ch. 5-6 DEADLINE Ch. 5-6 TEST Hw 7.1 13
Hw 7.2
  Hw 7.3 Ch. 7.1-7.4 lecture Hw 7.4 14
27 **
Hw 7.5
ch.4-6 makeup starts
  Hw 7.6 Ch. 7.5-7.7 lecture Hw 7.7 15
May 4
Quiz 7
4-6 makeup deadline
alternate final time
NO CLASSES alternate final time