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Quadratic equations were really giving me a hard time. Then I got Algebrator, and it helped me not only with quadratic but also with pretty much any equation or expression I could think of!
Blaine Milham, MH

The program helped my son do well on an exam. It helped refresh my memory of a lot of things I forgot.
Bronson Thompson, CA

I do love how it solves the equations, it's clear enough to understand the steps, I think I can start teaching my lil sister how to solve those kind of equations :D
Waylon Summerland, TX.

I just wanted to tell you that I just purchased your program and it is unbelievable! Thank you so much for developing such a program. By the way, I recently sent you an email telling you that I had purchased PAT (personal algebra tutor) and am very unhappy with it.
Richard Williams, LA

I am actually pleased at the content driven focus of the algebra software. We can use this in our secondary methods course as well as math methods.
Katherine Tsaioun, MA

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