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All my skepticisms about this program were gone the first time I took a test and did not have to struggle through it. Thank you.
Candice Rosenberger, VT

I am impressed! At over 64 sometimes I hate changes, but this is certainly for the better.
Sharon Brightwell, WA

I do love how it solves the equations, it's clear enough to understand the steps, I think I can start teaching my lil sister how to solve those kind of equations :D
P.W., Louisiana

I bought "The Algebrator" for my daughter to help her with her 10th Grade Advanced Algebra class. Like most kids, she was getting impatient with the evolution of equations (quadratic in particular) and making mistakes in her arithmetic. I very much like the step-by-step display of your product. I think it got my daughter a better grade in the past semester.
David E. Coates, AZ

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