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My son was always coaxing me to keep a tutor for doing algebra homework. Then, a friend of mine told me about this software 'Algebrator'. Initially, I was a bit hesitant as I was having apprehension about its lack of human interaction which usually a tutor has. However, I asked my son to give it a try. And, I was quite surprised to find that he developed liking of this software. I can not tell why as I am not from math background and I have forgotten my school algebra. But, I can see that my son is comfortable with the subject now.
C.K., Delaware

This program has really made life easy for me and my students.
Waylon Summerland, TX.

A friend recommended this software and it really helped me get all my homework done faster and right. I strongly recommend it.
Paola Randy, IN

If anybody needs algebra help, I highly recommend 'Algebrator'. My son had used it and he has shown tremendous improvement in this subject.
Linda Taylor, KY

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