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I am a 9th grade student and always wondered how some students always got good marks in mathematics but could never imagine that Ill be one of them. Hats off to Algebrator! Now I have a firm grasp over algebra and my approach to problem solving is more methodical.
D.E., Kentucky

It appears you have improved upon an already good program. Again my thanks, and congrats.
Kara Lyssa, WI

OK here is what I like: much friendlier interface, coverage of functions, trig. better graphing, wizards. However, still no word problems, pre-calc, calc. (Please tell me that you are working on it - who is going to do my homework when I am past College Algebra?!?
Dale Morrisey, Fl

I was afraid of algebra equations. After using Algebrator, the fear has vanished. In fact, I have almost started enjoying doing my algebra homework (I know, it is hard to believe!)
C.B., Iowa

My daughter is dyslexic and has always struggled with math. Your program gave her the necessary explanations and step-by-step instructions to not only survive grade 11 math but to thrive in it. Thanks.
William Marks, OH

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