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I am using this program to help both of my children's Algebra homework although they are of different ages. It is such a blessing to have it around.
Lori Barker

Math couldn't be easier with Algebrator. Thanks!
Ed Carly, IN

Algebrator is the best software I've used! I never thought I was going to learn the different formulas and rules used in math, but your software really made it easy. Thank you so much for creating it. Now I don't dread going to my algebra class. Thanks!
Sandy Ketchum, AL

The first time I used this tool I was surprised to see each and every step explained for each equation I entered. No other software I tried comes even close.
Barbara Ferguson, LA

My 12-year-old son, Jay has been using the program for a few months now. His fraction skills are getting better by the day. Thanks so much!
Ken Rogers, LA.

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